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Complex software needs no complicated solutions.

Hi, I’m a free software developer and activist interested in complex algorithms, operations research, and security. I was also an early member and co-founder of the LILiK free software lab, but this happened in the previous millennium.

You can take a look at my research on Scholar or find my latest project Z-Wave fun with an Hack-RF here.

I should also mention some older projects: a fast and flicker free PDF presentaion visualizer PDFCube and a framework for metaheuristics algorithms that I used in my paper on VRP and was also used to develop the Routist fleet optimization engine when I founded the KKT startup a few years ago, METSlib.

I have developed some expertise in location optimization and location algorithms and am now working here.

I also write about what I do from time to time:

Most receltly I’m starting to sharpen my cooking and baking skills

Mirko Maischberger